Metallic bubble envelope

Metallic bubble envelope

Metallic bubble envelope is made of shiny aluminized film with bubble cushioned inside.

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Metallic bubble mailer

1) Made of aluminized foil with bubble linings inside.

2) Superior cushioning and surface protection

3) Self-adhesive tape with strong stickiness provides assurance for mailing high-value items.

4) Various colors and designs are available

5) Multi-functions for mailing and package

6) Customized designs/shapes are welcomed

7) Clean and easy to use

8) 100% new materials which can be reused and environment friendly, there is no glue between the PE bubble and metallic film.

Characteristics: this product is water and moisture resistant, durable and tear resistant. The bag prevents products from damages due to collision, attrition or static. The aluminized foil forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapor.

Usage/Application: best choice for packing electronic products, Jewelry, Textiles, small gift, Portfolio, craftwork, CDs, Video cassettes for long-distance transportation.

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